The weather is getting warmer. The birds’ song is louder. The puffy coats are spending more and more time in the closet. Spring is just around the corner!

And with it comes the urge to do some Spring Cleaning.

But what if instead of cleaning our homes, (or maybe in addition to cleaning our homes), after a long winter… instead we clean out our consumption habits.

I’m talking about what you watch on TV, what books you read, what dominates your social media feed, and who you spend time with.

(I’ll preface this by saying that I am not getting…

February is the month of love for most of us in America. Whether you find it overly commercialized or incredibly romantic, either way you’re likely buying some flowers or chocolates or planning a nice dinner with your significant other.

If you have kids, you’re probably scrolling through Pinterest, trying to find a cute idea for celebrating Valentine’s Day with them. Hearts on their bedroom door… heart-shaped pancakes at breakfast… cute little cards… there are a lot of ideas out there!

But what if we focused our eyes, (and hearts), on God this month and used this as a good reminder…

You can’t scroll past three posts on your newsfeed these days without coming across a friend talking up their “product”. From skincare to activewear to cleaning products to cookware… everyone’s working on that side hustle.

More power to them, I say! There’s nothing wrong with trying to earn extra income for your family. Maybe you need to pay off a student loan. Maybe you just need to pay the bills. Maybe you want to afford a massage once a month!

Whatever the reason, several of my friends are jumping on the Direct Sales train and making the most of their…

The last six months have been a rollercoaster ride of maddeningly slow and lightning-fast days. At the beginning of the pandemic, when we were stuck at home 24/7 with no light at the end of the tunnel, the days dragged on and on. I felt claustrophobic in my home and exhausted by my family.

I’m an introvert who needs that alone time to recharge. Suddenly, time alone was nonexistent and I completely felt that shift in my life. We all had too much time on our hands and too little to do. My family likes to get out and about…

What do they want? Transformation! When do they want it? Now.

That’s all people really want. To change whatever part of themselves doesn’t feel good.

Maybe it’s their health.
Maybe it’s their financial situation.
Maybe it’s their marriage or parenting.

You offer the path to transformation… whether you’re coaching someone on how to find success in an area of their life or you’re selling home décor signs that will transform the look of their living room. That’s what people need to hear about in all of your copy. (If you’re new to this world, copy = words that sell.)


Why the week between Christmas and New Year’s is quickly becoming my favorite time of year…

Photo from Inspired by You Photography

Sometime around mid-September, I start to get excited about the holidays… Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. I’m a mega-traditionalist and I love the comfort that comes with the rituals of each holiday.

Costumes and candy at Halloween. Food and family and Thanksgiving. Decorations and music and gifts and Jesus at Christmas.

But things felt a little different this year. This year I felt like I was running a gauntlet from October to December 25. …

My first year in business brought a lot of lessons. I’m forcing myself to look back and reflect, (that sort of thing doesn’t come naturally to me), but in doing so, I found 19 lessons I learned in 2019.

(FYI — 19 is A LOT. This got pretty lengthy. But there are some valuable nuggets of truth in here that could be helpful to any business owner.)

1. Mindset actually does matter

Let’s start off with a bang! This is my BIGGEST lesson from the entire year. My first mentor in January of 2019 told me how important mindset work…

“The time I carried a human spine around in my suitcase”

“Something you can (& should) steal from me”

If either of those two subject lines showed up in your email inbox, would you open them? I did.

And then I added them to a folder called “swipe file” because they’re awesome email subject lines and I want to remember them for inspiration.

Those two emails were surrounded by about eight other new emails at that time of day in my inbox, but I only opened those two. Why?

Those two subject lines caught my eye and made me want…

Technology and I have a serious love/hate relationship. I’m very grateful for technology and all the opportunities that have come my way because of it. I wouldn’t own this business if it weren’t for technology!

But it also trips me up time and time again.

I have a website that I put together myself, but it’s simple and not very eye-catching. It communicates my message because writing website copy is what I do for a living… but there’s more to a good website than the words on the page!

You need menu bars and contact forms and privacy pages and…

Is your child allowed to be vulnerable and candid with you?

This question rocked my world during a recent bible study I attended. We’re studying Dr. Tim and Darcy Kimmel’s Grace Filled Marriage and part of that focuses on parenting because it’s a huge part of marriage.

They covered a lot of aspects of parenting with grace and most of it echoed my own thoughts on the subject. I know I need to give my children the same grace God extends to me, as I wrote about in Give Them Grace. …

Chrissie Kenaston

Copywriter for coaches and author of the book What If I Name Her Grace? — coming June 2021. (Email​ for copywriting inquiries!)

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